Terms and conditions
 Jeff de Bruges Tickets d'Or.

From December 1 to 25, 2023, try to win 1 year of chocolate!


What is a Ticket d'Or?
A Golden Ticket is a coupon with a unique code that allows you to take part in an instant win where you could win up to a year's supply of chocolate!

How do I get a Ticket d'Or?
You are entitled to a Ticket d'Or in each of your orders made in store or on our website www.jeff-de-bruges.ca . Within the limit of 5000 tickets available.

How long is the game?
The Jeff de Bruges Golden Ticket operation takes place from December 01, 2023 at 2 p.m. to December 25 midnight inclusive .

How to play ?
Each ticket has a QR code to scan with your smart phone. You can also go directly to the site with the following address: www.jeff-de-bruges.ca.

On this page, enter your email address as well as the unique code found on your Ticket d'Or . Then click on “validate”. You will instantly find out if you have won or lost as well as the corresponding prize.

What are the prizes to be won?

    • 1 year of chocolate (one 375g box valued at $54 per month for 12 months)
    • 1 $50 gift certificate

    • 5 $25 gift certificates

    • 10 $10 gift certificates

    • 15 $5 gift certificates

    • 20 Chococettes

    • 25 Maxi bears

    • 30 In-store soft-serve ice creams

How many times can you try your luck?
Each ticket entitles you to one draw per day (24 hours) per unique email address.

What if you won?
Each gain corresponds to a coupon code to keep and use for your next orders. Keep this code well.

The promotion code is to be used on our website jeff-de-bruges.ca at the time of shopping. You can ask for delivery or pick up your order at one of our Montreal stores. Important: Keep your Ticket d'Or, you may be asked for it.

What if you lost?
Your Ticket d'Or gives you the right to try your luck once a day until the end of the operation.


I won, but I can't find the gift code anymore. Can you help me ?

Don't worry, just send us your surname, first name and email address along with a photo of your Ticket d'Or to the following address: contact@jeff-de-bruges.ca

We will send you your gift code in response.

Is there a deadline to use your winning gift code?

No, it's a code that you can use without time limit on all orders on the Jeff de Bruges website.

Entries are limited to one per day and per email address. In the event of misuse of the service, Jeff de Bruges reserves the right to cancel any entry or winnings.