Quality is a matter of politeness first. Our master chocolatiers greatly respect their work. They carefully select their ingredients. They meticulously reproduce traditional gestures. They conscientiously enrich their expertise with a twist of originality, a touch of novelty and a large dose of generosity. We provide you with the same care and attention as soon as you enter our shops. We give you our best!


At Jeff de Bruges, imagination rules. Not machines! Every original recipe is the result of a delicate balance of careful execution, the right mix of ingredients and daily quality control. We invest all our know-how to please chocolate lovers!


At Jeff de Bruges, simplicity is... Helping you discover the simple pleasures of quality chocolate presented in renewed and diverse packaging… Crafting your favourite recipes… Introducing seasonal gourmet surprises... Providing attentive service and an affordable price. Jeff de Bruges believes that pleasure resides in the effort behind apparent simplicity.


Have you ever visited a chocolate factory? It’s a fascinating place where the magical atmosphere of chocolate reigns! At Jeff de Bruges, we want to share the magic. We imagine 1001 ways to transform our shops into a unique place dedicated to quality, creativity and fun. We want to create a gourmet universe where we can share our passion for delicious chocolate.


Jeff de Bruges wants to offer you a world of pleasures! We want to bring back your childhood memories… Listen to your desires… Help you create your own, personal selection of chocolates… Suggest gift ideas for all those who make your life beautiful and pleasurable!


Jeff de Bruges believes that creativity is the freedom to harmonise traditional recipes to your desire, combine the "scrumptious of Belgian chocolate with the "cocoa-chic" of French chocolate. Explore new flavours with the expertise of these renowned "chocolate" cultures, combine imagination and audacity to create new recipes to continuously surprise you with fresh ideas!