Interview with Philippe Jambon, founding President of Jeff de Bruges

Good chocolate is sustainable chocolate

Question: "How was Jeff de Bruges born?

Philippe Jambon: "By passion because since I was very young, walking around the chocolatiers' workshops, I was able to observe the magical effect of chocolate; and I never stopped, in creating Jeff de Bruges, imagining a thousand and a way of making our stores unique and warm places, gourmet universes, where chocolate, beyond being fine and tasty, would also be accessible and fun to offer everyone both the quality and the pleasure of 'sustainable chocolate!'

Question: “Why did you choose the name “Jeff de Bruges”?”

Philippe Jambon: "When your name is “Jambon” and you want to sell chocolate, you have to be realistic and tell yourself that you won't be able to give your name to your brand. In fact, it all started Bruges, in Belgium, because this is where the brand's first chocolate factory was located. It seemed very appropriate for a chocolate brand to keep the name of this city which is also called “the Venice of the north " Then our family passion for Jacques Brel and the song “Jef” did the rest and the name “Jeff de Bruges” stood out. The culture of French chocolate and Belgian chocolate were two strong inspirations for me. the creation of the brand and it was important for me to rhyme these two unique skills in one name.”

Question: “What do you think is so attractive to customers?”

Philippe Jambon: "First of all, we offer good chocolates in packaging that is always renewed and varied; then, we develop new recipes in keeping with the seasons, so there is always something new to taste.
What is also very pleasing is that you are sure to find the gift you need, whether it is a refined gift for a specific occasion, or a simple gesture to please a friend. , or quite simply a little gourmet gift that we give ourselves. Our teams will be there to listen to you and advise you attentively and attentively, this is very important! ”

Question: “What is the basis for the quality of Jeff de Bruges chocolates?”

Philippe Jambon: "Quality ingredients carefully selected by our master chocolatiers, unique know-how which respects the tradition of chocolate, a zest of recklessness and originality but above all passion in the recipes created without compromise and with a lot of generosity. In my opinion, good chocolate is “reasoned” chocolate, which results from a fair balance between good taste, a reasonable price, quality ingredients of natural origin and respect for people and the earth."

Question: “How are your recipes original?”

Philippe Jambon: It's because they are the fruit of the know-how of two great "chocolate" cultures: we have married the "gourmet" advantage of Belgian chocolate with the chic cocoa of French chocolate and this has allowed us to explore new solutions. We have revisited old recipes and modernized them, drawing inspiration from current desires. "

Question: “What relationship do you have with your customers?”

Philippe Jambon: "Above all, in our stores, we try to listen to their desires, to awaken memories of childhood snacks, to create little treats to make every day a celebration, in short to offer recipes that enhance life.
Today the pleasure is being able to come and choose your favorite chocolates one by one to create a tailor-made composition; so, it is our role to listen and offer truly attentive service and a controlled price. ”

Question: “What is your vision of the chocolatier profession today?”

Philippe Jambon: "For us, chocolate is above all a pleasure which must be accessible and close to people, it is not for nothing that we are local traders, and we wanted to strengthen this aspect and the notion of service which will with. Then, in 2017, we wanted to invest in our sector by becoming a “cocoa farmer”; we saw it as an obvious way to implement, live and bring to life for our teams, our societal and environmental values.

A shared passion

These values ​​are carried by our teams who share with you their passion for chocolate. Our ambition: to reinvent ourselves every day, to be trained to continually provide you with quality service, to promote gender equality, to acquire new skills to grow and flourish within the company.