A “Reasonné” chocolate

Reasonable Chocolate is a fair balance between good taste, a reasonable price, quality ingredients of natural origin and respect for people and the land.

A well-made chocolate

The quality of our chocolate is at the heart of our commitment. On a daily basis, we pay careful attention to the origin and composition of our products. This is why our recipes are developed with care and exacting standards, using ingredients of natural origin, without hydrogenated vegetable fats, without GMO* and without palm oil.

All our couverture chocolates are made with cocoa beans from our own plantations in Ecuador** and are guaranteed 100% pure cocoa butter.

The high cocoa content of this chocolate allows us to guarantee you the best possible intensity: 35% cocoa for milk chocolate and at least 60% cocoa for dark chocolate. All while maintaining a reduced sugar content: more cocoa means less sugar!

It is in our workshops that our master chocolatiers put their know-how and passion at your service, and are committed every day to offering you unique combinations of textures and flavors.

*GMO: Genetically Modified Organism.
**Except for products stating a different origin.

Reinvent chocolate every day

For us, chocolate is a rough diamond that just needs to be cut to vibrate and vibrate. It is thanks to our chocolate expertise that we are able to offer you, every day, products that suit you.

Whether by their taste, their texture or even their design, our chocolates are just waiting for your taste buds to reveal themselves.

Shake up the codes of chocolate without ever devaluing them, reproducing the gestures of tradition and enriching them with a zest of originality. Take the freedom to revisit old recipes and modernize them, drawing inspiration from your desires.

We have the perpetual desire to renew ourselves daily to amaze you, for the love of chocolate.

Passer of flavors

Chocolate should not be considered an exceptional product to be enjoyed only on special occasions.

This is our belief. This is why, every day, the Jeff de Bruges teams give you the opportunity to discover and introduce yourself to our world of chocolate. By passing on our passion and our knowledge to you, we want to be true smugglers of flavors.

Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur, whether your pleasure is daily or occasional, choosing Jeff de Bruges means sharing a gourmet and refreshing passion for chocolate, in a caring and friendly climate.
With our chocolates, your pleasure is our pleasure.

A shared passion

These values ​​are carried by our teams who share with you their passion for chocolate. Our ambition: to reinvent ourselves every day, to be trained to continually provide you with quality service, to promote gender equality, to acquire new skills to grow and flourish within the company.