Philippe Jambon, Founder and President

Question: "How did Jeff de Bruges start?"  

Philippe Jambon : “With passion, and from a very young age running around in the chocolate makers' workshops, I was able to observe the magical effect of chocolate. Since then, when creating Jeff de Bruges, I have relentlessly imagined a thousand and one ways to turn our stores into unique places, gourmets' worlds and delicious chocolate could also be accessible and fun to bring pleasure and quality to all."

Question: "You are French and had created a Belgium chocolate brand, isn't that surprising?"

PJ : “Even though I have French roots, I have been immersed in both French and Belgian chocolate culture; I feel close to this country and I found it dynamic but also different to associate these two types of knowledge."

Question: "Why did you choose the name “Jeff de Bruges”?"

PJ : “When your name is "Jambon" (ham in English) and you want to sell chocolate, you have to be practical and realise you will not be able to give your own name to the brand. In fact, it all started in Bruges, as the first chocolate factory was installed in that town. Actually, choosing as a symbol the town also known as the "Northern Venice" seemed appropriate for a chocolate brand. My passion for Jacques Brel and the song entitled "Jeff" did the rest. I imagined the name "Jeff de Bruges"."

Question: "What do you think most to your clients likes?"

PJ : “First of all, we offer good chocolates in varied and always renewed packaging. We also elaborate new recipes in tune with the seasons, so our client can always enjoy a new product. What is also very popular is the fact you are always sure to find the gift you require, may it be a formal gift for a specific occasion, a simple thoughtful treat for a friend, or simply a little indulgence for yourself"

Question: "What makes Jeff de Bruges quality chocolates?"

PJ : “Ingredients carefully selected by our master chocolatiers, the know-how which allows the addition of a hint of temerity to tradition, a production without compromises but not lacking in generosity."

Question: "Why are your recipes innovative?"

PJ: "That's because they arise from the know-how of two major chocolate cultures: we combined the "indulgence" asset of Belgium chocolate with the cocoa "chic" of French chocolate and this enabled us to explore. We returned to the traditional recipes, modernised them while taking our inspiration from the current desires."

Question: "Do you feel close to your clients?"

PJ: "In our stores, we mainly try to be in touch with their needs, to bring back childhood memories of afternoon teas, to create little treats so that everyday can be joyful, in short, to offer recipes which can make for a happier life."